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Love this - The Aggie Transcript #UCDavis Undergraduate Life Sciences Journal

CAMERA metagenomics resource is shutting down

Gulp - a good book for those into, well, our insides

Local elections in Davis, Yolo County and California are apparently a way for junk mail to be distributed. What a waste.

Registered for #ASM2014 but could not go; meeting sounded good; but annoyed ASM sold my info to advertisers

Overselling the microbiome award - many - for stories about placental vs. oral microbiomes

Quick Post - Interview of me is up on the Story Exchange re: #WomenInSTEM especially at conferences

May 23 at #UCDavis - Wikipedia editathon about women in science and academia

Not protesting this commencement address: Nancy Hopkins at BU on Gender Bias in STEM

Lab meeting at Yolo Basin - science should be fun ...

Right to be forgotten bill has grave implications for science

No overselling here - Martin Blaser on the Daily Show discussing Missing Microbes and the human microbiome

USA Today article on "Your home's odor may be making you sick"

My beloved cat companion Annapurna passed away this AM; I will love and miss her forever

Well, crap - crap does a crappy job as a treatment sometimes (re: fecal trasnplants and IBD)

Suggestion of the week: Create Project Specific Pages on ImpactStory #AltMetrics

Bad microbiology reporting of the month award: C-Net on IBM "Sequencing the City" meeting

Love work of @billgates but "mosquitoes kill more people than people do" is just wrong

What to do when you realize the meeting you are speaking at is a YAMMM (yet another mostly male meeting)?

Overselling the microbiome award: Time Magazine & Martin Blaser for "antibiotics are extinguishing our microbiome"